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Sawatdii ka,

I am a native thai language teacher teaching 1:1 lessons. Also, i help to translate documents and conversations from thai to english or english to thai. Please feel free to enquire.

Khob khun na ka  :)

Wind in my breath:
Hi Khru jiinxl,

Perhaps you could introduce yourself a bit more so that we know more about you and your teaching history, credentials etc. That would be useful to those who are keen in learning Thai language.

Thanks! :)

Sawatdii ka,

Thank you for your advise sir. Currently, I am a undergraduate in Singapore who provide private thai tutoring. I have 4 years experience teaching english and Thai in Th and Sg respectively. Thus,  I am able to communicate and teach effectively to new students who have no background of Thai language. Please feel free to pm for more infornation ka.

Khob khun na ka ;)


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