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January 20, 2018, 01:42:43 AM

Author Topic: Bar owner gets extorted by cop...  (Read 906 times)

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Bar owner gets extorted by cop...
« on: July 18, 2016, 06:20:06 AM »
Bar owner gets extorted by cop, calls police chief to intervene
By Teeranai Charuvastra, Staff Reporter

PATTAYA: -- Bent cops who raided a Pattaya karaoke shop trying to extort money made the biggest mistake of their careers.

The owner happened to know the police commander at headquarters and gave him a call. But when he phoned back the cop in charge of the fake raid refused to believe that it as actually him even making a joke of having the "commander" arrested for human trafficking.

This all happened on loudspeaker phone, reported Daily News.

As a bunch of karaoke staff and the owner were being bundled away in a pick-up another call came in direct to the cops own phone and finally the penny dropped. The cops all fled in panic.

Now five Division 2 policemen face charges of false imprisonment and extortion.

The hilarious story straight out of an episode of Keystone Kops started on Friday night when a plain clothes officer walked into the Nang Fa (Angel) karaoke shop on Pattaya 3 road.

He spoke to a serving girl telling her that if she was prepared to say that human trafficking was going on there he would give her 2,000 baht.

She refused so the officer tried his luck with the DJ who was putting on records - he put two thousand baht in her hand and repeated the offer. The DJ was confused about what was going on.

At this point four other officers burst in and they the girls were told they were under arrest. The two ringleaders were officers Narawut and Jatuphoom. The latter told the DJ to shut up but she called the owner Paranisa Chainapanitkun and told her to hurry over to the shop.

When she arrived Narawut said they were all under arrest for human trafficking and offering s_x. But the owner refused to go and said the charges were ridiculous. And she had an ace up her sleeve - she personally knew the commander of police at headquarters in Bangkok Chakrathip Chaijinda. She called him and asked who were these cops.

The commander asked to speak to the head of the team of cops. Narawut refused to believe it was the commander and said "don't be stupid, don't waste my time". Even when the commander asked the owner of the karaoke to be put onto loudspeaker Narawut just laughed at the idea this was really the commander.

"Ha - if that is the commander call my boss at police HQ in Chonburi.

Ask to speak to Amphon Buarapporn!" All the cops were oblivious to the truth of who was actually on the line.

Narawut ordered everyone out of the shop . Owner Paranisa refused to go and Narawut raised his hand to slap her before she reminded him about the CCTV. He stopped. Handcuffs were produced and they were all bundled into a Chevrolet pick-up and told they were being taken in to Pattaya police station.

One cop called Moo (Pig) then suggested to all concerned that 20,000 - 30,000 baht could sort out this whole mess. At this point head of Chonburi police Amphon called to the owner's phone (The commander in Bangkok had contacted him in the meantime).

He asked to be put on loudspeaker. "Ha - that not my f__king boss" said Narawut.

Moo joked: "You know what we should do - put the commander and the chief on the charge sheet - get them drummed out of the police for human trafficking!" Everyone laughed and joked about the stupidity of the owner in trying to fool them in full earshot of the head of police.

Amporn then called into the private mobile phone of Narawut and his face turned pale as finally the penny dropped. Everyone was immediately let go and the cops fled the scene.

Paranisa immediately went to Pattaya police to lodge charges against the Division 2 police of false imprisonment and attempted extortion.

Commander Chakrathip has promised a full inquiry.

Source: Daily News

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