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June 27, 2017, 10:32:29 AM

Author Topic: Paramount KL  (Read 4393 times)

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Re: Paramount KL
« Reply #8 on: May 10, 2017, 11:07:23 PM »
Bro pump, do give a FR of your time in Paramount, or any other club you went to like OSS or Yes ;D

Almost a year since i last went Paramount, super impressed with their mega disco ball and catwalk stage. Had a great time there and stayed till almost closing, even though i told myself i would stay for 2 hours lol

Last year they had some kimchis, but mostly thais which is fine by me, QC was good as of last year. One of the kimchis used to work in sg before :D

Btw, i agree with you about the TD scene in KL. It's so much more fun and organized compared to SG. Of course, i won't compare KL to LOS. But most of the TDs i went in KL, i felt more taken care of. Even the waiters bother to wrap glasses with tissue, replenish ice fast fast. LDs also cost cheaper due to RM so got much value for money, but only a bit because the sg mentality is to buy more LDs cos it's cheap.

In sg, feels like cut throat prices and hit and miss service. So for budget bros, always have to end up making it for super early happy hour and watered down beer. In KL, you can wonder in at reasonable time (11+) and have a great time. Plus i notice club owners will invest more in their decor, sound system, live band etc. But i guess this is also due to our local laws, sometimes clubs scared to invest too much. Classic example is Kings Club which converted the previous club and looked so nice but is now relegated to our graveyard thread  ;D

sure bro @Araso, will try my best to give a even more detailed one haha ;)
@RakMakMak , sorry bro. took almost a year to notice your post. will give you the breakdown of the list. i heard should be the range of 588RM for McCallen. will double check.
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