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February 25, 2018, 08:14:09 PM

Author Topic: WORDS OF ADVICE.  (Read 31391 times)

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« on: July 15, 2009, 05:34:50 AM »
FROM BRO SPIKE!!!!!!!/msg136006/#msg136006

Read your story bro....

In my honest opinion after so many years, it is almost impossible to have a relationship with a girl that is here to work. Even if she is a first timer. They will come, wide-eyed and expectant after hearring so many stories about customers here.

Problem with working girls here are they know they are here for a short time, they do not fall for people that easily. It could be a combination of factors. a)They already have a bf back home b) they are wary of customers as to be very honest, they are like meat in a meat market, they probably know that customers will not be faithful to them as when they go back, we just move on to the new batch c) they have been brain-washed by the so called sisters here with them and they are just here to earn and fleece as much as they can before they go back.

Bros who go to thailand often also bkk alone, they ratio of girls to guys are 6:1. Over there we can pick and choose as there is an abundance, therefore they women there tend to be more loyal even to the point os insanely possesive as they know once they turn their back, their man could run off to the the thousands of other choices oin bars, clubs, g-clubs etc. Over there we are a sought after commodity.

Over here however, they are the star. If they are above average looking, there will be hordes of customers lining up to throw money, time and affection on them. That is where it screws them up....over in bkk, these girls are probably second rate at best. They probably dun even have alot of customers there as there are easily 100-200 girls in any given g-club. Over here, suddnely there are like hot property, that is where the f__k up comes in. They will be reluctant to settle for one when they know there are plenty waiting in the wings. At the back of the mind they will never be completely honest and faithful as part of them will always be holding out for the bigger, better deal.

Not saying there are no true love stories. But few and far between. What sets u apart from the rest? Are u totally fliuentin language, culture and thinking that u can connect with them on a higher leverl? or u incredibly good looking? filthy rich? what makes u think that encountered by scores of men everynight, they will pick u? That is the thing alot of bros never consider before diving into a "relationship" and then getting burnt.

To be very honest, they arew just doing whatever comes natural to them. If the bros who cheong dun get it, then there is not much more i can advise. My Parting shot to try to make all bros understand is................. if u have problems getting women to be attracted to u, problems getting dates or striking conversations with attractive women, then suddenly u go to bkk and suddenly u are hot sh_t. Every women u want to know or talk to responds positively! suddenly u feel wanted, attractive and empowered with all the attention from the opposite s_x...would u give up all and stop at one? or will u explore and keep your options open?? the latter right?

There u go bros......TADAAA!!!!!
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« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2009, 08:25:19 AM »
FROM BRO Justin_Teo

Maybe I'm not in the best position to comment, but I can understand your pain. Over the course of my 2-year relationship with my ex-gf, I must have spent like 50k altogether - bought her a car to top it off. Can't help that she's a hi-so girl.

The funniest thing is.. and I'm not just standing on anybody's side here.. is that you may be the one at fault. Before you get angry, let me explain.. the misunderstanding only occurred because you tried to handle the relationship with a Thai girl like you would a Singapore one.

Thai girls hate, let me repeat, HATE, being pressured, forced, or stressed. You kind of missed the whole point when you kept pressuring her to buy air tickets to see you. That's how you talk to a Singapore girlfriend, not a Thai one. You also said she gave "silly" excuses like lazy, raining, don't want to go alone.. but come on.. we think it's silly from a Singaporean perspective, but it's LEGITIMATE for a Thai. She's lazy and if she doesn't feel like going, she won't go. Nobody, including you, can force her to do anything against her will. Maybe she's really sick, maybe she lied. That's not the point. The point is that they don't think they're lying - it's just their way of gently slipping out of an innocent situation. She doesn't think it's a lie, and if you have enough experience dealing with them, you shouldn't get angry because they did - you should have been able to judge at a go it's a "gentle white lie" and let it go.

Bottom line: She just doesn't want to go on that particular day, and forcing her to is just our own "Singapore" way of trying to handle a Thai girl. Thais are master procrastinators - one day when she suddenly feels like it, out of the blue, she will go buy it herself without you breathing behind her back. And that's the point I'm trying to drive at, really - show impatience, temper, or flashing your ego at her is a sure-fire way to lose a Thai gf. Giving her an ultimatum is just a guaranteed way of chasing her further away from you.

This doesn't sound logical, but bear with me - what you should have done, is to send her the money, "sabai" it away, telling yourself that she will not use the money for any other purpose (and she probably won't), and wait patiently for her to get off her arse on her own to buy the ticket when she feels like it one day. You need to convince yourself that she will eventually do it, and ask her casually once in a while - if she hasn't done it yet, you force yourself to say "mai pen rai", smile and shrug. One day she will. That's how Thai girls work. ALWAYS use the softest approach possible, and ALWAYS avoid confrontation.

Put yourself in her shoes. She's a Thai - born and bred in a country where it's almost a crime not to be "sabai", "take it easy" and "relax". Once you make it too difficult for her to maintain  a relationship with you, she'd rather give it up. It's that simple. It's not that "she doesn't love you enough to change for me".. it's just because she's Thai. If you love her, why don't you try changing your own style to make it work? It's easier for us to change, because Singapore's history isn't entrenched in thousands of years of traditional culture.. and let's face it, we have no culture whatsoever. It's easier for us to adapt.

If you can't understand what I'm trying to drive at, then you might potentially face the same issues with your next Thai gf. Undertsand Thai culture and Thai way of life and you understand your Thai girlfriend. Underestimating the cultural gap is a recipe for failure.. like mine. :(

It's the same "sabai" as in "sabai sabai" club.. there is no English or other language equivalent. The closest thing you could possibly come closest to in the English language is "relax" or "take everything easy". Hokkien is probably "mai kan chiong".

I hate to generalise, but Thais operate differently from Singaporeans in that main manner. While we're all used to stressing ourselves Mondays to Fridays and only relax on weekends, their modulus operand seem to be "I'll work, but I'll relax harder". It's just their way of life. My ex-gf used to work Mondays to Fridays as well, but once she knocks off it's all systems go - she'll go crazy on shopping (clothes are affordable even for locals since they're not big on brands), sit for hours at a restaurant with their friends just chatting, or just idle away their time til late at night. Her approach to work is also very typical of how a typical Thai thinks - I work because there's money to be made, period. While we're all involved in the rat race, meticulously planning our future, career path and desperate to get their promotion, they're not so huge on that generally - they value quality of life very much and it's reflected in their attitudes towatds relationships as well. If it's too difficult, it's just not worth it. They won't go out of their way to fight to maintain a relationship just because they love you - they believe in maximising their happiness. By stressing, pressurising or having huge expectations of them as a gf, if they don't find themselves enjoying the process of dating or having a bf, of course the easiest way is to bail.. most won't think twice.

i guess the trick is just to try and appreciate their value for life in that way and try our best to accommodate. I made that mistake with my ex - I demanded that she call me at least once a day (if not call then sms), and get angry whenever she forgot or was too occupied. She tried very hard - but ultimately I realised that I was demanding a Thai to behave like a Singaporean in a relationship. They don't understand our style, and we find difficulty accommodating to theirs, but I came to the conclusion that it's just more gentlemanly just to "sabai" along with them, not take too anything too seriously, and enjoy the relationship. Sometimes, our judgements are clouded because we invest financially (many times heavily) into relationships with Thais and "expect" a certain level of commitment in return - these "return on investment" calculations are not fair both to yourself and to her. In the first place, they will never understand what this concept is. To them it's just "He loves me so he's spending on me, full stop". In any case, nobody ever points a gun at your head and forces you to give her money or material wealth. So the bottom line, I guess, is simple - give her what you can, within your means, and stop harping on it. You must be able to afford to play this game, both financially and emotionally, if not this clash of cultures will never be smoothed. :)


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« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2009, 03:01:39 AM »

Im posting this thread for newer members having GT problems. I hope senior users wouldnt find this thread a waste of bandwith or a reposting of useless already told 100 times advice. Im going to tell and explain everything in details so nothings messy or mixed up and i hope it will help some people with understanding difficulties.So to newer members here , theses are are my reason for this post

1 - I respect this forum alot because iv been through all the GT sh_ts and the horrible side effect of it, and this very forum and the members in it really helped me alot. Eventho i only share 1 F*ed up story of mine , i spend most of my time looking for advice , words of courage , hope and some lights to my darkness on reading other people's problem and the advices given by members here, thus trying to compare and relate to what my problem is and seeking the advice really seriously.

2 - Ive been busy lately and didnt get the chance to go online because i was in thailand since 3 months ago to do some stuffs(not visit my poo ying -,-) and after i went online this morning , i read a few sad stories from you newer members here and it really really remainds me of myself :P , and i kinda laughed about it cause that was me not long ago! and you newer members here need some help.

3 - Im a psychologist with a degree in psychology from MDIS and i spend few years studying the human mind, body language and best of all, the human eyes :) . im not trying to "promote" myself in a way or so , but im gonna use psychology, Reverse-psychology and of cause some common sense and logic to fight the facts that these Thai girl's magic charm , power or what-so-ever are not the cause of our F*ed up feelings but our mind and thinking itself.

4 - Im a mixed thai , and i grew up in thailand too so i understand the thai's way of life, cultures and characters. Its part of my life :)

Im going to use the word Pray(for u who tio GTed) and Predator(for the "evil" thai girls that GTed u). First of all im gonna list down the Facts of you prays , and the facts of them predators , then ill share some advice that helped me . If your already reading till here,thanks for taking interest not for this post, but for helping yourself. Please go on cause im not talking crap out of boredom and it will be a big waste if u turn back.


1 - Man tends to be lonely and will seek for companionship by nature. Without a friend(or girlfriend) , we tend to have no meaning in life and feel lonely. Why we fall so easily on thai girls? Answer - Thai girls are very friendly , beautiful , s_xy and attractive by nature. Talking about looks, local ladys looks "normal" or rather "typical" cause we sees thousands of them in our daily life while thai girls look one of a kind beautiful and hot cause we only see them in thai discos and the fact that they are thai (world's 2nd rated most beautiful girls) . Try putting yourself in a 3rd world country with the ugliest girls ever for 20 years. When the first day u step into singapore again , trust me.. even the auntie selling chicken rice would look very preety. Get what i mean? after being in thailand for 3 months myself , i tend to find them very annoying and look annoying -,- and no i wasnt looking at a bapok..
2 - Attitude wise .. Thai people are very friendly and calm by nature while local girls(or majority of them) are shy , rude , fussy , act high class and dont appreciate what they have but instead asking for more(greedy). Always play hard to get and when we give up, they call us idiots for giving them false hope. To locals,being friendly or worst, just smiling seems "flirty or bitchy" to them but to the Thais, its their way of life and the way of being Friendly!. That is why they seem very 'one-in-a-million' to us. If all locals were to behave like thai girls, thai disco will be another boring typical hangouts for loners too.

3 - Theres a saying , "boys will always be boys" . " cant live without girls , cant live with one neither " . .  I know it really hurt ALOT when your Pooying leaves you cause u love her alot. But think logic , after spending money and time on her and she just leave u like that, ull feel very bad rite? try imagining this > after spending alot of money and time on her.. u get to screw her alot of times till u sian liao and till ur little bro cant even wake up seeing her cause he also sian liao.. then one day she suddenly leave you .. u wouldnt feel that bad rite cause uv done ur job as "guys" mah? the only bad feeling ull feel are misses and the love towards her.. other then that like her sweet face , s_xy body and smell .. that part you've been thru enough .. as i said " boys will always be boys " . for those REALLY into love and serious 100% respect relationship(which i dont think some of u would) .. ignor this :P

1 - The same old lines.. Thai girls are here to make some money ONLY and out of 100% of them who come here, i would say only 2% would look for TRUE love cause maybe they live in a poor village with ugly fisher mans ? What about the 98%? haha.. yea they look for love to. Temperory love :). Being a foreign girl , with no source of entertainment(except their hp) in a foreign country with no where to go or no opposit s_x to talk and be close to , of cause they will find one. and heres the worst part > instead of being their "temperory" boyfriend , your also their customer , source or LD target , free meals , transport(if your driving) , ATM (when it comes to shopping) and money sender -,-. FYI guys , these GROS and singer earn alot more then we average singaporean earns. we need at least 2k a month to survive a normal not-so luxarious life here , but they earn at least 3k+ PLUS the money u send back to them and the little payments like food and so on would be a big payoff.. and after those money were to convert into thai bath .. they as rich as a ang mor staying in a banglow . . dont believe their bullsh_t sad grandmother stories of poor life cause they can give 101 excuses , reasons and lies to convince you just for 3 shots of LDs.

2 - About the not asking/expecting for LDs, Gifts , Dates and dinners.. These are reverse psychology. When you offers them to buy LDs , knowing that the chances 90% that u would buy for them , they will act as if they dont want BEACUSE > They are trying to make it look like YOU'RE the one who wanted to buy and they so called "love" you not for your money. They will flirt , hug or kiss and pretend you but WONT ask you for LDs or anything but instead Mentally and psychologically make u do it. And u wana know why? >> cause 1 day if they were to ask for a break , rejects ur offer of sleeping with her or decline staying with u , u cant say "walau! i buy for u LD, spend alot of money on you , this is how u love me" .. they will just say "i didnt ask for it na , you want na i no ask. u butterly!" dragon fly house fly all come out.. correct? for those who agrees . . these are the powers of mind tricks :)

3 - Thai girls by nature, are very and i mean, VERY loyal to their love ones and husband in their country.. the average number of woman in the thai population are WAYy higher then the mans. When a woman finds herself a man, she tends to be very loyal to him cause a simple distract of attention from the man , and hes gone with another woman, thus making the "loyal" ones worth gold . if u've seen the show "Nang Nak" or "Ghost Of Mae Nak" .. is a story of a loyal woman ghost who dies when her husban was away and came back to him (i cant remember much) .. but the moral of the story is basically about the true love and loyalty of this lady Mae Nak towards her husban. and f.y.i , its based on a true story, its one of thailand's legend and the ghost of Mae Nak is still feared among the thai society till now.. Some even worshipped the Mae Nak's idol and made it their "god" for a loyal husban :S
Moral of the story : Most of the girls who come and work her most probaly would already have a husban or a boyfriend / lover back in their homeland. the fact that they are homesick and their hearts darken missing their love ones back there , YOU are just a temperory "heart cure" or "distraction" to keep their minds away on whats on their homeland..and when they are back in their country , they'll tell their bf/hubby that they worked like hell in singapore and did not talk to anyone  < so enjoy it while it last :P

4 - We always think thai girls who works here as GROs and singers are poor and came from a poor family background, but surprisingly , most of them which iv known are actually as young as 18 , here on school holidays to pay off their schools , some are even university and taking their degree.. some ARE NOT even GROs working in TDs..they just hang around there entertaining random guys for free drinks and if they are lucky, some cash..believe it or not..some of them even speak english very well but act dump. so... dont look down on these girls cause they are at higher standards and they monthly incom are way higher then yours .. so dont waste too much money on them unless ur a ah long or just strike 1st price in 4D not long ago.
so heres are some advice if your trying to stay away or survive the thai disco fever .. or survive the heart-pain of being dumped by your so called " lovers " . hope it will help cause it really help me alot.

1 - Be yourself , what starts in the thai disco, ends in the thai disco. Take it as a DREAM or something to pass time or keep u happy rather then mixing it with reality.
2 - Keep your mind awake. Think logic and think facts. Dont let those sweet talks and saducing eyes kill you.
3 - The human mind is a deadly weapon .. it can also kill u if u dont know how to deal with it. Thai girls are good at messing with your mind. they can lure u into buying LDs , dinners , shopping etc. without even asking and u end up loosing cause if u were to complain, YOU'RE the one who wanted to :)
4 - Thai girls are just like normal girls. Girls are girls , if shes meant to be yours, god bless you but if shes not meant to be with u , then get over it. No matter how good looking , rich or nice you are , ull need to depend on luck and faith once and a awhile.
5 - these are parts and parcels of life , just accept it. dont take it as regrets but lessons. you can stress all u want now and after 20-30 years later after getting married(or dont) . when ur old and satteled down..ull laugh and joke over thinking back the days u cried over a worthless thai girl and realising how stupid u were
6 - if ur married to a thai girl(rare cases) . god bless u , good luck and maintain a good relationship.

How to get over them(based on what i did and trust me. it worked 101%)
1 - get a hobby to replace your night life. like watching movies, maybe 2 or 3 ? . instead of spending 100+ dollar a night buying LD and flowers .. a few cool DVD cost only 30-40 .. it will keep your mind away from TDs and it really help u sleep :)

2 - Start gaming. If your into PC gaming, get urself a decent gaming PC and buy the latest games like COD4/5 or Online games like WoW or Maple(-.-) . these are highly addictive games .. if your lucky , ull get soo addicted to these games and  forget all about TDs .. but for some unlucky cases > ull become a game freak/addict and end up being a gaming nerd sitting your fat ass the whole day killing mosters -,- (im not, at least for now) .. well if that helpes , then why not?

3 - if ur a alcohol addict, have some drinkink session with friends at your near-by kopitiam.. Worst cases where ur a anti-social loner who dosent have any friends.. sit with a Ah Pek and act cool with him :p . uncles are really talkative when they drink(be sure to talk to the correct ahpek especially when drinking..cause when they get war 2 tai ji all they bring comeout and blames u for it -.-). if that helps u sleep at night..why not? (im not a drinker but i know)

4 - instead of getting GTed.. why not u GT them instead ? be a player and bulletfly around like nobody business. let your little bro speak < said enough

5 - be more socialized . do fun stuffs with friends like going to sentosa to chui char pool or movies... going into old changi hospital at night to look for a life time partner or Lim chu Kang's cemetary to look for your ex..

6 - if nothing really seem to help you or ur soo depressed that u think of sucide.. then u really need profesional help liao -,- who knows?

If your reading this.. thanks alot for reading my long boring post. if it helped u. then ive done my job .. if it dosent , then nobody cant and u can spend the rest of your life telling stories here in this forum. there are things u may agree and may not agree with.. but all those listed up there are based on my expriences and what iv gone true.. are the SAME as you guys. Please PM me if you think it helped or gives u some hope and brighten up your life after reading this so that i can feel proud of my self :P kidding.. yea.. i spend 2 hours thinking and typing this.. while doing this , i had headache and i cant type nor see properly now .. so sorry if i typed funny during the endings :/ . it may not be the best advice but at least i put in some afford .. so hope u guys appreciate this. take care




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Re: Marriage in Thailand
« Reply #3 on: December 25, 2009, 03:20:30 AM »

The legal marriage registration can be done at any district office in Thailand on any working day between 8am and 3pm.To marry you need passports and proof that you are single. If you have previously been married which ended in divorce or death you need the original certificates. If never been married you need to show the Ministry of Foreign Affairs a statutory statement of non-attachment notarized by your embassy in Bangkok. Your Embassy may require proof of evidence to this fact.

A statutory statement required by the Thai authorities will cost 1,000 Thai Baht each (US$25). Your embassy will normally charge a fee for notarizing it and the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes a nominal charge for registering it and issuing a certificate to enable you to legally marry anywhere in Thailand. A further fee will be required to have the document officially translated into Thai.

Special attention should be made about pre marriage planning. Assets of the foreigner should be protected. A prenuptial agreement prepared by our licensed lawyer is highly recommended. Prenuptial Agreements should be prepared in both the Thai and English languages. If, for example, the foreigner is a US Citizen with assets in USA and Thailand, the prenuptial agreement should be prepared in such a manner that it is recognized and legally binding in both USA and Thailand. Prenuptial Agreements are less likely to be contested when prepared and signed well in advance of the marriage date.



The foreigners who are wishing to marry shall appear in person with their respective passports and arrival card at their Embassy in Thailand to complete declarations attesting that he/ she is single and free to marry in accordance with Thai Law and the registration shall be effected by a Thai Diplomatic or Consular Officer.

l. Take the completed declaration to a reputable translation office to have the contents of the declaration translated into Thai.
m. The documents together with translation and copies of passports have to be taken to the Legalization Division of Consular Affairs Department, where the Consular Official's signature will be authenticated. This normally takes 2 days. The documents and translation are then ready for submission to the District Registrar who will register the marriage and issue the marriage certificate in Thai in accordance with and following the procedure led down in Thai Law.

You should allow four working days in Bangkok prior to registering your marriage as you are required to have been resident in Thailand for at least three days before you marry and you must allow time for the paperwork to be processed in Bangkok.

This also allows you to visit some of the wonderful attractions in Bangkok. If you have previously been married, your divorce certificate. The certificate should be translated into Thai. Since the certificate must be legalised by the Embassy, we prefer that the translation is made by the Embassy or by a translation office recommended by the Embassy.



The man and woman who are wishing to marry should have the following eligibility to get married:
Our licensed lawyers will assist you through the legal process to marry in the Kingdom. Our Marriage Legal Services Package offers you the following service:
1.    Either of them should not be less than 17 years of age. The Court may, in case of having appropriate reason, allow them to marry before attaining such age.
2.   Either of them should not be an insane person or adjudged incompetent.
3.   Both of them should not be in blood relations in the direct ascendant or descendant line, or brother or sister of full or half blood i.e. should no be with in the prohibited degrees of relationship.
4.   Both of them should not have the same adoptive parents.
Either of them should not have a spouse at the time of marriage. If woman whose husband died or whose marriage has become terminated, the marriage can only take place after expiry of 310 days from such death or termination of marriage, but before such period if (1)   A child has been born during such period;
(2)   The divorced couple remarry;
(3)    There is a certificate issued by a qualified doctor who is a lawful physical practitioner in medicine showing that the woman is not pregnant;
(4)   There is an order of the Court allowing the woman to marry.



The bride and bridegroom who are wishing to marry should possess or arrange the following documents prior to their marriage so as to furnish on demand by the authority solemnizing the marriage at the time of marriage:
   Identification Cards of both parties.
   The House Registration Certificates of both parties
   Person filing has previously registered marriage - If divorced, proof of divorce must be shown; in the event of spousal death (the applicant is a widow or widower) proof must accompany application.
   Accompanied by witnesses


   A copy of their passport along with arrival card.
   Affidavit regarding the marital status of the person from the respective embassy.
   Translated copy of affidavits to Thai certified by an approved Foreign Ministry Translator.

   A marriage can take place on declaration made by both the parties intending to marry by giving consent to take each other as husband and wife publicly before the registrar in order to have it recorded by the Registrar. Giving consent to the marriage may be made.
1)   By affixing signature of the person giving consent in the Register at the time of registration of the marriage;
2)   By a consent document stating the names of the parties to the marriage and signed by the person giving consent;
3)    By verbal declaration before at least two witnesses in case of necessity. The consent having been given cannot be revoked.

   An application for registration for marriage can be filed at any District Office or Minor District Office nationwide regardless of the birthplace of the couple.
   If the marriage registration is filed at the District Office located in female's birthplace (where the name is registered on the House Registration Certificate), the title used with the forename and the last name of the female will be changed by the District Officer. The female is required to file for a new Identification Card within 60 days. If the marriage is registered elsewhere, the female is required to contact the local District Office to change her name and last name, as well as filing for a new Identification Card. If both parties are unable to file for marriage at any District Office or Minor District Office, the couple can submit a request to the Registrar to register their marriage at any location under the supervision of that District Office. The parties filing for marriage are required to provide transportation for the Registrar. A service fee of 400 Baht is required by the ministry .
   Marriage shall be affected only on registration being made. After registration is completed, a Marriage Registration Certificate to be obtained as evidence.


Some marriage offices in Bangkok:

1) Khet Pathumwan Registration Office 216/1 Chula 7, Kwang-Mai, Bangkok 10330
Tel : 02-214-3004

2) Khet Prakhanong Registration Office 1792 Sukhunvit Soi 54, Kwang, Bangjak, Bangkok 10250
Tel : 02-311-1107

3) Khet Bangrak Registration Office 5 Nares Road, Kwang Siphraya, Bangkok 10500
Tel : 02-236-1395


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« Reply #4 on: April 30, 2010, 02:51:01 AM »


I have been reading the stories here, particularly like the 25 GT on...

To cut long story short, this girl i knew had many customers who "died" in her hands...willingly I would add... different backgrounds, you name it you got it...

1) Poly boys who buy flowers using daddy's monthly allowance
2) Gung-ho tattooed big spenders with triad background, can hang flowers 500/night
3) Educated middle-age white collared workers wanting to find wife
4) Those kena GT before, learned the hard way, full of disappointment/anger towards customers and girls alike caused by this phenomena called Ladies Drinks  (filiipina pubs no flowers only LD + bar fines). Everytime just drink, spend generously but never believe in the system

So girl will play according to the type of customers sianing dem. So you may want to see which group you fall under.

For group 1: She sian jialat jialat cause all of dem like small boys, sms her update that dey studying or playing basketball or go temple with mummy to pray. Trust me I have seen dem cry after she told dem they painful truth. Why she did dat, most likely bored. And this group not very highly educated, no life experience whatsover, even eat prawns dunno how to remove shell. Even go shopping dey probably can afford only shampoo or a trip to sentosa...If you belong to this group, think stay home study better..

For group 2: Have alot of $$$ but from dodgy backgrounds..unless TD girl is from similar background..most will just say hi hi out of courtesy not wanting to get into girl smart enough to get drinks and flowers but wont want to get involved with dem...If you belong to this group, your gf likely work in geylang or health spa type, so you wont get anywhere near TD girl (unless she work a-go go bar in pattaya or phuket and geylang before).  Footnote: Bumped into the mafia style ex-customer in nana with girl, he only gentleman buy drink say hello, but he never cry like group 1 boys..Hehe group 1 boys scold my father and mother ask me where I stay after dey found out I going out with their teeruk ...

For group 3: This group is wolf in sheep clothing. Think with abit of education dey stand above dey rest. First of all, if dey so successful and eligible, den wont be scouting in TDs. They try to act gentleman, but generally no confidence in themselves as dey are out of their office env comfort zones.
They will talk about marriage, bring girl to europe la etc. And CHECK CHECK CHECK on girl everynight after dey go home...dey will call the girl or her agent...damn loser this type. Girl will only squeeze dem out of their last drop of money and slowly cut off all ties after dey go back to TH. I had a conversation with customer whom my gf GT...he basically resigned to his fate...this group basically will go on to become group 4. I was previously in group 3 for the record he he...

For group 4: This is the best, cause dey bochap, and spend money like alcohol will be banned the next day...girls cannot impress dem with sms or small talk..dey kacua girls, pull their hair, stroke their buttoms for fun, until only if dey go to bed with dem as testament of their supposed affection for you, will group 4 individuals start considering possibility....and may go back to become group 3 and get married happily ever after (but this must be after preliminary activities like months and months of checking her sms everyday, track down all customers, check with her hometown friends)

So unless you go through the pain and quickly  promote urself to group 4, your chances is NIL. Group 4 wont get hurt by others, can only hurt others. If dey get is bonus, if dun get also dun give a fart.

I would like to add another rule: ALWAYS COLLECT "INTEREST" first. Like loan shark. Take something first before something serious takes place..if you know wat i mean.

Kop Khum Kap


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« Reply #5 on: January 13, 2011, 07:45:43 AM »

First of all, abercrombiekid, good on you for starting the thread. Can't wait to read the rest of your story! I can empathize with what many of the bros here are saying, and also relate well to the good advice that senior chiongsters like TD_King, Suchart, Vinchaiwut and many others have passed on. Thanks in advance to all of you. Personally, I had the game figured out after spending some good money, but I never was in a state bad enough to have to come here to seek advice.

Well, my adventures started around mid of 2010, when my friend B introed me and a third friend T to the enchanting world of TDs. We, the 3 clowns, would frequently go to one of the famous ones, between the 3 of us finish of at least 1 bottle every night, with maybe 2 nights in a week finishing off 2-3 bottles. Oftentimes, I would report to work early in the morning still drunk, reeking of alcohol.

Of course, we spent tonnes of money on singers and coyotes too, but in a very different manner from most guys here. Somehow, we always tipped the same guy singers that would come to our tables to talk, sing our favourite songs and play games with us. We never paid attention to the chio and popular singers.

My 2 friends were very lucky. Somehow, the first night that these particular 2 ladies turned up in that TD, they came to approach my friends, and have been 100% exclusive teeraks from then on. Both have been in relationships for 3 months now, and there is no doubt about the exclusivity. For B, we are sure because the girl actually lived with him. For T, he would meet the girl EVERY afternoon for a after-work bangbang, before going for dinner and then sending the girl to work, before meeting for an early morning bangbang again. Quite legendary.

Maybe I not so handsome like my friends, so never had such luck. Somehow, always end up with girls that about to go home then come and jio me. The first one actually asked to come to my home on her last night here. We proceeded to have a passionate night (Rather morning, cos by then it was 630) before sending her to the airport (Her check in time was 930). Well, I felt bad at having to break her heart, but I knew that there would be nothing coming out of this, so I ended it with her when she was in Thailand. Sometimes, I really feel bad for doing this, but I know I am incorrigible, and get easily bored with girls.

So, the cycle repeats itself. B and T are effectively married, and so I find another group of madmen to chiong TD with. This time, we end up at another big name TD, and there's this girl that talks to me for 3-4 times. Each time, I don't buy her anything, except the first time when I bought her 2 LD. All this while, I'm not trying too hard, and I don't make declarations of love. Always walk away from her at the end of the night without saying bye. One fine day, she sms me and ask me to pick her up after work. And thus began the current chapter of my life. We're seeing each other nearly every day, and enjoying each other's company. Eventually, I know it will be impossible, because of my line of work, but I just want to have us enjoy ourselves while we're together. Again, I feel bad, but what to do? Maybe bros here will want to scold me for being a lowdown bastard for playing vulnerable thai coyotes.... go ahead.

Now, some tips for the newbies. I wouldn't try to claim that I'm as experienced as the senior bros named above, but I've surely been there and done that too (Except for the falling madly in love part  ;D. My love usually lasts 1 week max).

1. Bring only the amount of cash that you can afford to lose. Trust me that you will lose it within the night, either opening a bottle or buying LDs or hanging flowers. DO NOT use credit cards. I learnt this the hard way, saw my cc bills balloon, and thankfully had the help of a good brother (T) who loaned me cash to pay the bank sharks.

2. Spend your money wisely on people who deserve it. You will be rewarded with their loyalty and genuine friendship. I remember one time, I just popped by this particular TD with a young (read: broke) friend. We ordered one jug of whiskey-coke. In this particular TD, I think any order besides a bottle is scorned upon. This singer, upon seeing our empty jug, promptly went to the back, filled it half-up with his own stash, without asking for anything from us. If you are careful about choosing your friends, you will find that there are genuine friendships to be made in these places.

3. How to choose friends? Same old advice from the old hands. Don't buy them anything a few times. Don't act over-eager to please them or get in their good books. Do they still come back? This is the same as choosing friends in life. This way, you will weed out the fairweather friends/GTs.

On a related note, how to get the girls that are worth getting: Same. Don't be over-eager and try to please them. Must play hard to get. Know that these girls are lavished with tonnes of attention from the hundreds of hungry men in TDs. You want to throw LD or flower? Chinese saying: One Mountain Always Have Another Higher Than It. (haha literal translation). You will not be able to win a girl's heart by throwing financial incentives at her. Unless your surname is Lee or Wee or Ong lah, then you really are the richest in Singapore.

I have always been a little stand-offish with the girls that approach me initially. Buy them maximum of 2 LDs (peanuts in that TD I mentioned), don't talk much to them, see if they come back. Well, if they do then you stand a pretty good chance. If you bought and they snub you or don't spend much time with you, don't bother with them any more. They are just there to dig gold. Move on to the next one. Important thing is to be patient, your luck will come sooner or later. Don't get too hung up on one just cos she's pretty and rubs you a little bit in the right way.

4. Respect the ladies. By this, I don't mean to say that throw money at them and don't try to bed them, like what some people claim to do. That's foolish. By respecting them, I mean understand their culture and personality, and be kind and treat them well. Do that, and they WILL end up in your bed. For example, when I go TD, I see many customers fooling around and lightly smacking the coyote's head in jest. Do you know that to the Thai Buddhist, the head is the most sacred part of the body? If you did that to a stranger in Thailand, you would probably get hammered.

Another example, the more decent Thai girls (there are many of these working in TDs, they are just here for a quick buck, doesn't mean they are cheap sluts) perceive going to the hotel with a guy they have just gotten to know as very very demeaning, and something that a good Thai girl would NEVER do. My friend's teerak (this was after many many times together) broke down when he drove her to a hotel. I only brought my teerak to a hotel when she herself said she wanted to spend the night together with me. That's why in this forum, we always read of girls breaking down when guys try to put them into a taxi to the hotel. Be very careful about the hotel proposition. It could break your deal. If you have the latitude, try to take her home instead. It's more respectable for them.

5. Live and let live. No point being consumed by jealousy or mad passion and end up doing stupid things (E.g. getting into fights, spending stupid money and regretting it later when in debt). In this shady, crazy (and absolutely delightful) world that we choose to exist in, there will be many many incidents that will poke you the wrong way. But remember, stay detached and cynical. That's the way to survive. I know because I can imagine the feelings of all those men that my current teerak french me in front of. They buy her drinks, she gives them time and attention, but in the end, I know that without spending a cent, she will be going home with me. Like I said in point 3, just move on. In 99% of cases (of girls who are worth having), all the money you throw at them cannot override their passion and emotions.

On the flipside, I also don't get jealous when my teerak has to spend time with a major customer. Every night, there will be 3-4 customers buying her about 5-10 drinks each. Some even offer her cash to go hotel with them. It's only right that she spends a good amount of time sitting with them and accompanying them. Meanwhile, I'll just sit quietly with my friends, drink my own liquor (and look at other pretty pooying  ;D). You choose to play in this environment, you must abide by the rules. Don't be a stupid twat and go throw glasses on the floor to act tough and all that when your girl is flirting with a customer.

Lastly, I apologize if my "tips" are oft-repeated ones from senior bros. However, it just goes to show that there is a tried and test formula to "winning" in this game. Be sure of what you want, lay out your strategy clearly, and stick to it strictly. Don't let your emotions run wild and spoil your own life and future.

Qualifier: Of course, like so many bros have said, emotions can come into play. True love can be found in these places. I know, because I am a witness to 2 of my friends' loving relationships. To this, I agree with TD_King. The only 100% true litmus test for the initial stage is whether she ao kan with you. If she's willing to give you her body, you have a chance to bring it further. Of course, check with everyone else that she's not the village bicycle that allows every passerby to ride.  Oh, and sorry for the super long post! Long time no talk, suddenly floodgates open. Hope TS don't mind me hijacking! We are here to share after all :) If you find this post too long and detracting from your post, please let me know and I'll remove it.



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Well said bro. As my wife is Thai n I been to Land of Smiles many times, I've made acquaintances with regular faces at nail salons, hair salons and beauty parlors. They are unabashed about their work in pubs and ktvs after dark. Most of whom were divorced with kids from early shotgun marriages. "Poochai Thai zao chu mak mak"  (Thai men are massive flirts), is the common thing a hear from them. Normal jobs only earn them 5000-15,000 thb a month. Senior managers will make about 28,000 thb - and that's tops already. Long climb to get there. When they come to TDs here, even to take back 2.5k for a months' work for low performer, it's a fortune to them. Most Thai women rent a flat but own a car, or have some ill parent to take care of.  This is the only way they can earn a good leeway to keep house and car payments out of mind for a while.

For those wondering if this really is "the only way", well, actually there's the other way. To marry a "Thanchart" (foreigner- this includes you and I). Ultimately, like any woman they want romance but financial security is a priority. By the same token, if you can convey that you are able to provide this security, they will want to be with you. However they are practical and even if you are likeable, they want to know that you are single (if you are MBA they are still happy to provide companionship for a monthly maintenance) and that you have money on the table, I.e flower money, lady drinks. Like another bro shared, if they really like you, they will tell you to stop splurging on them and still find time between running tables to come back to you.

Looks like I sidetracked quite a bit. Coming back to sb king's post, there were even acquaintances that bring along their bfs, mom, or kid- sometimes even all, to the salons while they get pretty for work. Money talks, and most Thai men can't provide and thus don't have the right to comment. It's a sad case when soft-hearted Thai women share a part of their hard-earned earnings with their bfs who in turn go womanize with it.


Bro dun worry too much. Thai women have "Robin Hood Mentality"- rob the rich to feed the poor. Especially when they had the most profitable years of life working in TDs , they have come to think not to take money from the people they love. Your case is similar to a friend's. His TG has a Japanese "customer" or rather, a sponsor. She expressed that this few months she may lapse in communication because she needs to be extra attentive to him so she will get a very big angpao pay-off before he leaves to Japan for good. This sum of money can be 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 baht.

Why do they need so much money? Maybe they have a good-for-nothing money-sucker sibling, or f***ed up mom or dad who keep demanding money to buy car, buy land, or upgrade house.


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Hi folks! Here's something I wrote almost a year ago for I thought it'd be a good read for some of you who kenna GT-ed and are thinking of getting married and settling down.

Marriage is a life-long commitment, and a big responsibility. Along with marriage come considerations like, starting a family, having kids, financing all of those, and future-planning – a perfect financial topic to be covered on the Asianwealth blog.

I recently got married. I’m from Singapore, and she’s from Thailand – both from Asia. Thus, I’d like to give you an insight on some things you need to know especially if you’re considering to marry someone you recently met, who hails from Thailand. The purpose is not to prejudice anything, but to better prepare you for your possible union.

First and foremost, Thai women are loyal, great at taking care of you, know how to treat you and nurse your sense of masculinity. Unlike women from the major business cities, like Hong Kong, Singapore, or New York, Thai women have somehow nicked that intricate matrix of being street-smart, savvy of how to carry themselves in situations which require displays of authority, and yet in a relationship, are able be excellent soulmates and partners – not leaving their spouses feeling emasculated. Regardless if your Thai bride hails from the culturally-rich and relaxed cool altitudes of Chiangm Mai, or from the bustling city of Bangkok, Thai women are generally pious and know their place at the family table – even the sultry s_xy vixen who makes a living from tips at the go-go bar.

However, it's the filial piety and close-knit ties among Thai family and friends that is a double-edged sword that you can’t allow to be wielded too freely as it could break the bank as a consequence. Thais, women especially, are highly emphatic, look out for one another, and would hold back nothing for the well-being of their kin – even if someone dear offended the law, and racked up a hefty bill or bail cost. Furthermore, illness and injury healthcare are ludicrously expensive services in a place where Botox and dental surgery cost a fraction of what most developed cities would charge. Unfortunately, most middle-aged and elderly in Thailand are rather ignorant of the benefits of buying health and life insurance. Consequently, you could be picking up quite hefty tabs – and sometimes unknowingly, should you entrust your spouse a supplementary credit card or cheque book. Owing to their charitable nature, they’d often not expect anything in return.

To a smaller extent of importance, you must also be aware that Thai women are largely penny-wise and pound foolish – careful to help you minimize your grocery bill and day-to-day expenditures, but if left in charge of household payments, would gleefully default the annual motor insurance premium, and leave you fretting in paying for repair of the broken windshield by the flying loose rock on the expressway plus a higher next-premium.

Then, elder Thai siblings also take it upon themselves to care and provide for their parents and younger siblings. If your prospective wife is the among the eldest in the family, and her parents are retired or semi-retired, she often has the highest expenditures, and the least in her bank account.

For the above reasons, many capable Thai women are still asset-poor. While that isn’t a major problem, you don’t want to same noble plight to rub off on you.

Below are a few tips that will help you form your reins on your relationship, and help you make the most of your life with the beautiful, lovely Thai women, without running an open tap on your finances.

    *   Keep a Secret Bank Account : As much as it is preached that wed couples should be thoroughly honest, it is much easier to keep a secret stash than to argue on what money can and cannot be touched.

    *   Put Stricter Daily Withdrawal Limits on Her Cards : You might need to call or visit the bank for this.

    *   Dual-Signatories for Joint-Account Cheque books (If you can’t avoid issuing her one, and having a joint-account in the first place) : So you can have the final say on every cheque book spend.

    *   Find More Ways to Invest (your salary, and even hers) : Thais can appreciate the importance of prudent investing. Seek the help of your private banker or wealth planner in diversifying your spare cash and monthly excesses into equities, land, and dollar-cost average schemes – or simply buy more property.

    *   Buy Gold : Many Thais are educated from young to buy gold whenever they have spare cash, and that it is better buy gold and pawn it, than to not buy it at all. The long-term uptrend in gold will more than cover your monthly interest to the pawnshop. They know very well of the losses made in liquidating gold, so they are unlikely to argue to do so.

    *   Keep Mum About Additional Income Streams : Self-explanatory.

Sometimes, as much as you would rather not pick up her friends’ or relatives’ tabs, but ultimately see the need to (and it’s within your financial ability to):

    *   Harp and Exaggerate – about every cost and how they have made it difficult for you to normally make ends meet. It serves to live and dine unusually frugally for a week or two just to further (act to) prove the point. They hate to see their spouses suffer hardship and will feel bad.

    *   Firmly Say “It’s The Last Time!” – Express displeasure and finality in offering financial aid. They are intimidated by firm tones and like to preserve status quo.

While these tips may contravene your morals and ethics, do recognise the importance of continual wealth to ensure long-term happiness of you, your spouse, and future family.

With all that put into regular practice, your wife will pick up good financial habits, an understanding of what constitutes reasonable expenditure and what doesn’t, then you may decide to cut some slack on these recommendations, one at a time. Always remember principles of sustainable usage.



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