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February 22, 2018, 03:29:13 PM

Author Topic: WORDS OF ADVICE.  (Read 31349 times)

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« Reply #8 on: July 22, 2011, 03:07:28 AM »
FROM BRO Buddy'singers'/50/#msg239162

Reminds me of a similar story, the girl was bonking 2 guys at same time, one student and one self-proclaimed big timer...somehow she ended up ok....2 guys met, fought, but 2 of them still deeply in love with her after 2 years...such is the power of GT...funny thing is that many can accept that their TGs have bonked other guys before...only reason I can think of is that these guys have got no leverage....everything they put the girl girl they willing go die that type....that is why i tell the girls working at my place, first rule, dun play with customer's minds, just be friendly, do the performances well, that will be your only responsibilities.. nobody wants to walk into a place and be often you just walk in a pub just because they think they entitled to a drink? likewise I tell customers, if ever happens, do not let any girls get into your head...there are many clubs, cash is everything..nobody's welfare matters...they wash their hands off the daily operational problems by outsourcing to with so many girls queuing up to come in to work, agents no longer take care of the girls like they use to...and for lao jiao girls, they cannot be controlled end of the day, only one thing is certain, how much cash is generated from this big hu ha... I can shake your hand, pat your back, open the door for you, ...association and attention works well, everybody wants to feel important...but this is just good customer service...but playing with somebody's mind and hard earned money is a different matter be fair, most working girls do not know your background, because customers wants to show that they are well off, so to the girls 2-3 waterfalls should be small change...but once they get used to getting so many drinks, their attitudes will change, I tell you this is for sure. I see it all the time. Be it girls from thailand, philippines, indonesia...all same...when there is money to be made, people are not themselves...they get 20-30 points they think they should be getting 60-70 points, they become arrogant, more demanding...even below average girls in these clubs make anything from 800-1000 points easily a month...for the top girls? You can only imagine. But this is life. Want to enjoy is ok, but always know where you fit in in the food chain...I used to be a hard core td fan...but was spending tons without feeling any pinch until i decided to move up the food chain and see hows life up is definitely better, and maybe my 2 cents worth is worth little more than before because of another perspective...maybe to the age old adage, can one find true love in tds? My answer is yes. You can but you must be smart. Smart means what.

1) Respect for yourself first and foremost. Many guys don't. They end up being the girls personal attendant. It is ok to be a snag but do it with respect for yourself.

2) Respect the girls. Respect begets respect.

3) Do not be overly flashy because it makes you an easy target. You can only if you can afford it. Over 80% of hardcore customers are in debt over this kind of clubbing. The spend alot initially grows up a big debt, but still cannot kick the habit. End up almost never clearing their debt.

4) Be patient. Time speaks volume. You can chiong 20-30 K in 2-3 months but you still can end up zero. This is the truth. You can be an agent, with prison record, divorced with 2 kids, if tg loves you, they will stick with you to the end of the world. Both are real individuals I come across during this short time running the place.

Stick to the basic rules, if it does not work out first time, hang around, learn and do not be afraid to try again. Just have to do it responsibly.


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« Reply #9 on: July 28, 2011, 11:22:22 PM »
From Bro Octo

Reminds me of something, its far fetch, but just for sharing:

there is a documentary about Vietnamese people mining jade-stone on a big mountain, in hope can find & sell the jade a good price to "mountain-owner", whom in return transport & sell to Hong Kong ... and there are thousands of people carry primal tools, hammer & chisel digging... day in & day out on the mountain... nobody forced them, they do it willingly, because finding a good-jade stone can means years of income..

I somehow relate that we are those Vietnamese miners, while the "mountain-owner" is the Thai Joint, and the "jade-stone" are the Thai girls... with so many people on the mountain, sure got miner will find their jack-pot jade-stone, and other miners will hope they will hit jack-pot too... but chances are most people on the mountain will go home empty-handed... tired, hungry & drained.. then next day try again & again... the only people whom sure benefit are those "mountain-owner"..

So why not just go up to mountain & enjoy the scenery... less hectic & less headache 

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« Reply #10 on: December 21, 2012, 04:12:10 AM »

It doesn't stop. You'll always come back, whether 5 weeks later or 3 years... you'll come back. Mark my words.

The problem with a lot of guys in this forum is that one or two bad incidents then you all wanna quit. Where's the perseverance? Where's the determination? Just give up and move on?

Sure, everyone sure kena get conned the first few times or first few months but quitting is premature. You see those guys going home with the girls after disco close... some are not that rich, some are not that handsome but what they have that you don't is EXPERIENCE. This experience can only come from years of cheonging and learning.

You didn't get 2 or 3 girls you regret from TD... you found 2-3 girls NOT to get from TD. I'm not asking you to search for someone for heart of gold or sincere or that... just someone that can remind you WHY YOU STARTED in the first place. The GFE, the look, the late night fxxking sessions after work as the sun rises... there are 30 plus TDs in SG, there are plenty of girls around.

This is the difference between casual gamers and professional gamers who do it for a living, the schoolboy who plays golf once a week at driving range and PGA champion... experience, willingness to fail THEN learn and not repeat the same mistakes.

It is forgiveable to believe their lies, fall for an attached girl or even be a carrothead. ONCE. Then you get smarter, then you learn for yourself what to do and not to do... you can't gain anything reading online. You have to be there on the ground to get what I mean. You look at friends' facebook also no use unless you are there that night itself.

I can write on and on. I don't claim to be an expert, but I dare say I am someone who has learnt and improved. This is important. Most bros here just discover their mistake, blame TD, the girl etc then create a thread on how to quit TD. No one really goes TD for "drinks and band" unless you're already married to a Thai, gay or totally broke and just entertaining friends.


it is a hard game. I don't claim to know it all. I am simply pointing the most common mistake bros make here: get cheated one time, then quit without even trying to improve. A bad experience is a lesson in itself: where you go wrong? Capture that moment and do not repeat. Each time, fight back faster, stronger.

I myself am sometimes surprised. I myself once got chopped. But that's at the start where no one knows anything. I learnt and improved. That's the essence of getting better.

I can't guarantee that you the "get the girl". What exactly do you mean? Soul mate? Life-partner? That is very hard. Even the ones I know who marry them and bring them here all are struggling to survive on credit, cash loan etc to feed their family(SG and Thai). Even if you "get the girl" in SG, how do you know the Thai boys in BKK don't "get the girl" back home for much, much less than what you spend here.

All I am saying is; TD you want to spend money, go ahead. But just make sure what you spend, you get what you expect in return. Do you need to be a millionaire to "get the girl"? I find that very hard to believe as there are simply not that many millionaires around... most Singaporeans are only 'paper' millionaires, you can sell your flat or condo and become a millionaire in SGD but where you gonna live? Not that many (exception of those in 'grey' business) are cash rich as in really liquid you can fill up a Rimowa bag with bank notes.

If you can't get a sincere GF or wife out of this, you should at least aim for GFE and 'home comfort'. The challenge of the whole thing is not how much money you spend or how handsome you are, its how you manage to get them to exercise their free will. Whether they give u what you want or not, it's their choice. The challenge is influencing that choice in your position...

Some hardcore girls are truly terrible; they give you hope and a little bit of attention and tease you as they milk you... Those, even cheongsters truly cash rich and can speak Thai will find a hard time. Pick the battles you can win. Strategise. Most guys just go in TD "drink with friends" and hope blindly while spending blindly. Be discriminate in your spending. Don't blow everything one shot. Give a bit to test water, then slowly rise it to boiling point (human interaction). It is true sometimes when you do everything right, you get everything wrong. It is true sometimes even 'old birds' fail. You must be thinking, so jialat then why continue? No reason.This is a hobby, a lifestyle choice when you first sat down and opened tower or martell. it's been a big part of your weekend and recreation- that's why. There are times everyone must pull out and cut losses when they don't get anything. But those times should get lesser with practise.

I'm not an old bird. I started less than 4 years ago. There are silent bros much better at this game than me and who dont have accounts using this website only to check drink prices and opening hours as they're too busy with their TG givng them a good time.

What I can offer here, is my personal experience which I don't think is that difficult to relate to AND how to use that initial failure and disappointment as a leanring process. Most guys are stagnant and are not motivated enough to improve. TG's time here is limited from the time she arrive at Immigration to the last day in SG... u chase, she goes back.. then u cheong TD again but the cycle of not getting anything returns. Most guys quit not cos they found something better but because they could not get better. Why? They become lazy and don't take a good, hard look at why the fail? It's the same with any performance-based activity-sports, career.... coaches don't help you become expert but they steer you in the right direction of GROWTH and learning. You dont get better by cheonging longer if you dont take the effort to re-look at your technique and strategy when you cheong.

It takes humility to admit being a carrothead or kena conned. But it takes courage and peseverance to owe it to yourself that one day, you'll be out there in control of the situation. The journey is a long one. It is not a serious one, TD is recreational activity. You can leave anytime. But if you practise at it long enough and don't let the process destroy you, there will be rewards.... that's why some bros can never quit even after marrying a 'good SG girl' with education.

I don't claim to be so SUT until TD god. I can only offer my story and perspectives. Some of it may work for you, some of it may not. Correct, This is the internet. Anyone can be anyone. Take a little bit from here, a little bit from there to get what you want. I'm here to provide variety.



« Reply #10 on: December 21, 2012, 04:12:10 AM »

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« Reply #11 on: April 04, 2013, 08:29:31 PM »

Well after reading so many interesting post in this forums. I decided to post my own story in this forums just to share with fellow member. It is going to be kind of long but well I think is worth the read.

The first time when I really steps into a Thai disco is after my 'O' level where I went to look for a job and end up working in a Thai Disco. I still remember the first night of working, I was totally amazed by the Thai disco scene with so many pretty TG around you. During that point of time, me and my group of friends were still busy hanging out in the Boat quay for our drinking session and we didn't even know what the Thai disco scene is like. That was one night where my friends come and wait for me after work and from there on he is hook to the Thai disco scene and it become a never ending process. As expected,I quit my job after 4 months and went to Thai disco to play almost every weekend spending close to two to three hundred per night. It is quite taxing at that time as I was only 18 years old at that time and very often I had to save on my meals just to save up enough money to go to that Thai disco during the weekend. Despite all this years of playing in the Thai disco scene, I didn't really get emotionally involved with the TG until 3 years later which I should name this girl 'J'.

I got to know this girl 'J' during one of my regular visit to this Thai Disco. I still remember very clearly that when the first time I saw her, she was sitting one corner when she and her group of friend came to our table. I took the first move towards and ask for her name all this and the usual standard of playing '5' '10' all this. As the night get longer, I found out that she is not that shy as she look. She even told me that it is her first time working in Singapore which I must really say that I was a fool to believe her at that point of time. She start to hug me openly, dance on my lab and the groping on her make me really feel happy I should say.... I open for her 2 waterfall during the night as I feel bad that she keep me accompany all the night. Before I left, she ask me whether I could bring her out for a meal then I say okay to her. At the cab, we french like long lost couple all the way to the destination. After the dinner, I send her home and I thought it will be the end but the real GT cast by her is just going to start. She begin calling me almost everyday and checking up on me like a girlfriend telling me things like why you no call or SMS me? Got new girl already right? Forget me already right? From then on the GFE starts to fall on me and I guess I just fall for her GT. She also like to send me her picture (a lot of TG also like to do this I found out) and I always feel very happy seeing her picture.

From there on, my life just spiral out of control, I lost my mood to work, just want to see her everyday, get into quarrel with my brothers who told me not to fall in love with her as she is not a simple lady which I really feel bad now. One thing good about them is that they are really good a playing mind game, she didn't ask for and LD or flower whenever i visit her and she told me she do not need me to buy it as she really love me but I will in the end still buy for her, spending around hundreds whenever I visit her. She also tell me things like I want to visit your PAPA and MAMA which make me feel that she is really sincere with me and I just feel that she is the right girl and different from other TG in the TD scene. Thinking back this is just one of their tactics I supposed. Well i forget to mention that after being together for some times, she definitely don't look like a newbie in the scene! When I went to her workplace, while she is entertaining her customer she can seat on the customer leg and get hug by the customer all this. In the back of my mind I just told myself to keep cool and not to quarrel with her as she is working, thinking back I really think that it is not worth it at all. The other sign that she is obviously playing with me is that when I want to post our picture to her facebook or post her relationship status with me, she will always tell me 'teerak mai dai na, later customer see already next time I no customer cannot earn money' well I still believe her at that time which I must say I am really stupid at that time. Well to cut the long story short which I think is just very typical from all other story which had already been shared, I broke up with her after some times when my financial cannot take it anymore, I got into a pool of debt because of her, turn against my real friends which my friend in the end still forgive me as all of them had been through this stage.

Well the road to recovery is hard but times should heal the problem for all of us. To the fellow people out there who is still recovering from the heartbreak cause by this TG well don't feel bad or what, just treat it as a lesson learnt!

Well from now on this are the things I do when I go to TD to enjoy myself:

-Bring the amount you intend to and can spend, when you finish it (leave some cab fare just go home and don't borrow money or rely on your credit card(another reason for my debt   )

-Go without expectation and just enjoy yourself with the night, after all we are the one spending the money, why exchange your money for those emotional stress and heart break? Not worth it right? If you get it just count yourself lucky, if your can't just go home and sleep after that.

-Do not believe it when they say the love you or miss you all this, this is just part of their job to keep you happy and make you spend money on them

-Do not prioritize them over your job, family and REAL FRIENDS. Real friends are the people who will tell you the most hurtful things but after that you will discover this is for your own good.

-If they really love you, you don't have to spend a single cents on them in the TD scene.

Thinking back, although that girl really give me the ultimate GT i still must really thank her for making me become more clever in the scene and luckily I am still young and I still got chance to make up for the mistake of getting into a pool of debt (10K plus...) it is really not worth it... zzz...... Well lucky my life is back on track now and everything is solved.

Well thats all...... there is a part where she get involved with my best friend which I will write again sometimes when I had the time... Well hopefully I can write it out cause it is perhaps the most heart breaking.... zzz

Just a fellow question:

Now whenever I see those TG, i just feel very sian as in I think that all of them is out there to earn money from us and I couldn't believe in anything that they say? Anyone had a similar feeling like me after they recover from their heartbreak?


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« Reply #12 on: April 22, 2013, 01:12:28 AM »

I started young (still am, currently 23 years of age) but these past 3 years makes me feel really old. I doubt I was the same person before I started.

Over time, I've seen many friends get hurt, destroyed and disappeared after losing out in TD. I started out as a YP before my A levels and carried on through NS etc. I've seen a fair bit and done quite a fair bit as well.

I shan't go into details but not all has been positive. However, SG is a fairly boring and expensive place so for lack of better things to do with my time, I'm still involved in TD scene. Attached below are lessons I learnt AFTER cheonging and going through TD BMT.

1. Don't be impressed by people flashing cash in TD

I've seen salesman and insurance agent trying to act like billionaires, rolling on credit, cash loan etc to impress girls. They are mortgaged to the hilt, maxed out on cards, drive BMW but can only afford to top up quarter tank RON 95 everytime... you know what I'm talking about.

These people won't last long or will soon turn into crooks (borrowing from friends, cheating etc) to maintain the illusion they set up for themselves in TD.

FYI, there are only 10-13 Singaporeans featured on Forbes. How rich do you think those people hanging flower are? Even they go BKK take JetStar/ AirAsia and not LearJet ok. Don't be envious of their spending; it's these people who have to be working till their 60s and 70s paying off all those loans and debt.

2. Thai girls are not that different from other girls

Yes, they dress in a certain fashion and put on lots of make-up. Oh, they work at night too and come home drunk or sometimes with another man.

However, outside of work, up to free will and ceteris parisbus, they will care about looks, appearance and mannerisms. Take care of your dressing, style and chemistry when interacting with them. Just because you're Sinkie and spending money, doesn't mean they throw natural selection techniques away.

3. You will need money.

Money for clothes, food and transport. Money for LDs, Martell and beer. Money for mookata. You get the idea. Money is a lubricant to ease the social activities that follow. Sleeping with you is not proportionate to how much you spend.

On an even playing field, where everyone buys a drink, you don't want to be the odd one out. Unless you think you're TCS star like James Lye... everyone has to spend a little bit. The difference is whether you're spending and getting returns or throwing money into a blackhole or paying designer brand name prices for generic goods.

4. Women in general are fickle creatures

Singaporean or Thai, most girls throw tantrums and mood swing a bit. Get used to it and this is not restricted to nationality. How you handle a girl is based on your skills and experience.

Always, always try to imagine what the other guy is doing and differentiate yourself in a positive way.

5. Sleeping with you does not equate to debtitude

Never feel you owe the girls anything just because they slept with you. Yes, they did so what? You think you're the first? I've learnt to treat sleeping around as a very normal, human need. s_x does not equal love.

6. Love does not exist

This is a rather strong statement but I swear by it. This applies to ALL nationalities. Love is a chemical process in your brain where certain hormones and emotions are triggered, causing you to feel that way.

We are all just scared of being lonely or bored. Understand this and you will see things in a different light.

7. Communication is key

You can go on the internet and come to this forum. Why can't you learn Thai from the many websites available? You think you can speak with them in half past six English and Thai for the rest of your life? What do you think strangers observing you think?

8. All women age

She may look like the most gorgeous woman on Earth now and you promise yourself to love her till the end of time. Unless she's from Twilight or Vampire Diaries, your beloved isn't immortal and is subject to WRINKLES, FINE LINES, PIGMENTATION, ACNE AND WEIGHT GAIN as the years past.

When she's lost her beauty(as all women do), do you really still want to be around?

9. Fate rewards those who persevere and believe

I started out with a group of 7 regular cheonging buddies. 5 of them are out of the scene for good due to bad personal experiences. Only me and this other guy took the time to "press on" and endure the sh_t, to come back faster, fiercer and stronger than we first started.

Don't give up if you're conned, cheated or just plain bored. Those long enough in the scene, will know of the rewards in store for those who wait and commit their heart and soul.

10. TD should be about fun

You can never go wrong with this principle. The moment you're suffering financially, emotionally or otherwise, then STOP TD.

Remember that TD is recreation only and if it's no longer fun, then quit and re-evaluate. If you can't isolate and eliminate the cause of suffering, then stop TD. Bluff yourself and you will suffer even more when the truth hits you like a hammer.


P.S. I'm speaking in rather vague terms but if you cheong long enough, you should get the hidden meanings, nuances etc of what I'm saying. Stick to these principles and concepts as they will serve you well in the long run. In TD and even outside in real life.


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« Reply #13 on: July 29, 2013, 09:16:32 PM »

Usually we are in a stalemate with our world: ‘Is he going to say he is sorry to me first, or am I going to apologize to him first?’ But in becoming a bodhisattva we break that barrier: we do not wait for the other person to make the first move; we have decided to do it ourselves.— Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, "The Bodhisattva Vow: Eight Views”



« Reply #13 on: July 29, 2013, 09:16:32 PM »
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« Reply #14 on: March 20, 2014, 08:50:57 PM »
FROM BRO Campbellsoup

Been lurking around for a while now and finally decided to register a user ID to reply to this thread.

Well, i got to say, there are genuine and sincere girls but they're most probably one in a million. A relationship takes two hands to clap and more often than not, men searching for love fail to realize that most of the girls working here are ridden with family problems, money problems or just simply finding an easy way out since the take home pay is touted as higher.

The problem is because the average wage in thailand for a University grad is so low. Since local Thai discos provide them with an avenue to make easy money without being recognized (jobs of these nature is generally shunned upon in the thai society), many girls see it as a good way to make some extra money.

For girls with family problems (e.g. father or mother sick, either parent passed away, either parent is a gambling addict, younger brother needs money to go to school, abusive parents, orphan, etc....) the main aim for them to work here is to earn as much money as possible and send home to support their family.

Getting into a relationship is probsbly the least of their concerns. It might be a plus point of they get themselves a roch boyfriend to help support their family. On top of that, more often than not, girls in this category aren't properly educated. Even if they are, they were born and bred in a poor environment and being a strong believer of "who u are today is the result of the environment u grew up in", i personally feel that many of these girls are scarred.

Is it their fault for casting the GT net on you? Probably not. Their main aim is to make as much money as possible.

The other group of girls will be the money problem girls. They either run into huge debts due to uncontrolled spending habits or have tuition fees to pay off. Most are rather msterialistic and that flower money u spent on her goes into her new Chanel bag or nose job when she finally gets her pay.

This group of girls are usually unpredictable and lack self respect and dignity. Sometimes they will go to great lengths to earn that flower or drink from u. Its sad because some of them are well educated and come from middle class family background but want to make more money to sustain their superstar lifestyle. Finding a rich guy is a plus point and its only a matter of time she jumps ship if another richer and more eligible guy comes between u and her if u were to be with her. The ending is always an ugly one.
The next category will be those looking for an easy way out. Probably their uni cert is as worthless as can be and being young and adventurous, or hearing their friends msking quick bucks from working at TD's, they decide to hop on the TD bandwagon and soon get attracted to working in this line simply because its rather easy and pays well of you're a looker.

Last but not least, are the girls who have no idea what they're getting themselves into. Sometimes psychoed by friends, some here on a work and play holiday attitude, some some are just curious and some who just follow friends here to have fun and wouldn't mind earning a bit of side income.

This group of girls are usually the better ones and you are able to finf sincere and genuine ones if you're lucky.

However, having said that, u do realise that allure in coming here is primarily Monetarily driven. Regardless of motive or background, they're here for the money.

When they're working, everyone wants to maximise the profit versus time spent per customer. Why waste 2 hours on a customer who hangs $50 only when down a few tables maybe she can get a rich guy who hangs $100 in just minutes? They're here to entertain when paid and that's the whole idea of thai discos.

Successful BGR is only but a bonus.

So now, why did I mention that it takes two hands to clap?
Well, its prrtty simple. Take a look at the average customer profile in TD. (No offence to anyone) tonnes of ah beng ah sengs. Old balding ageing men who's probably married with kids, middle aged men who hasnt even had his first girlfriend, poorly dressed chaps who think that they're cool and popular when they speak a bit of thai and gets their ego stroked.

I mean from an observer's point of view, the average customer in thai discos don't particularly rank high in terms of attractiveness to any females.

Some of us have the looks, not the money. Some have the money but not the looks. Some have no money and no looks. Some are smooth some are not. In short, its a mixed and diverse group of very average men looking to get entertained. Some want love, some want s_x, some just wannna have fun.

We're as unique as these girls in terms of what we want when we enter a thai disco but fundamentally similar in the sense that most of us want love/s_x while the girls want money/love. And in between all of us lies money that makes things all the more complicated.

So long as we understand this concept, its much easier to cheong with a clearer head (both big and small). Of course there's still a likely hood of getting GT'ed.

In short, finding sincere and genuine girls starts with being sincere and genuine yourself. We see most of these girls as liars and pattern more than badminton; similarly, they see us as liars (ok, later hang u flower, runs to toilet to hide), players or people who simply wants to bed them for free.

Either way, i think true love is about destiny, whats yours will be yours and if its not time yet, u will not get her. Money and looks will help but a happy ending wont be happy without chemistry.

We should often look at ourselves in the mirror, is it because girls arent good or are we not good enough to match that dream girl in our hearts?

No money? Earn more money.
Look ugly? Get a haircut, dress better.
Poor fashion? Style up, read magazines. Spend a bit of time on your 门面。First impression counts a lot and Singapore is well known for its poor fashion. I mean, no matter how rich u are, no one's gonna give a damn if you're dressed in an ill fitting t shirt with unkept hair and slippers. Thai girls dress up to sell themselves so that u hang them flowers, similarly, add a few brownie points for yourself if u want them to do a double take on u.

Of course, having said all that, one should not go knockinh up Cupid's door at a TD because afterall, the girls working there are like mercenaries and it will be like finding a needle in a haystack if your looking for sincere and genuine ones amidst all the problematic ones.

I count myself lucky as I got married to a pretty girl who worked less than a week here as she got duped by her friends. And even luckier was that she was from a well to do family and i never had to pay a single cent to "take care of her sick mother, buy her a cow for her farm, pay money for her secret boyfriend, take care of her baby, pay her tuition fee" kinda problems.

But just how many working girls are like that? Probably 1%?

Thai disco is all fun and gamr until someone gets gongtaoed. My wife told me all the nasty things shes seen happen "backstage" and the ploys that these girls do to gongtao their customers. Its mindboggling.

In short, if u wanna play, be careful.


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« Reply #15 on: August 16, 2014, 04:57:42 AM »
FROM BRO Sodapop

Feeling a little bit bored, so just thought I'd share some personal insights to the girls from the different countries. If you are actually keen on making real friends with or even dating these girls, I hope the below can help you somehow.

If you are just a horny bastard who likes to go TD to squeeze butts and rub tits and seek nothing more than maximum physical satisfaction with minimum financial investment, this is too low level stuff for you. You will not find it useful. Also, jio me lei, brother.

These are the girls in TDs, not KTVs. Obviously, your mileage may vary.


The foundation on which the whole concept of TD was built on. The easiest girls to befriend and the easiest to rubba, but which also makes them the most dangerous to pure-hearted bros. 99% of the bros here know TGs better than me. What I've learnt is; if you think she is lying, she confirm is. If you are not sure whether she is lying, she probably is. If you are sure that she is telling you the truth, she has successfully cast GT on you. Please visit relevant sections of this forum to seek help. A full recovery is possible with early detection and prompt treatment.


Hands down, the most beautiful of the lot (most of the time zhng'ed before). The current darlings of the TD scene. But they are also the most mercenary ones. Remember, they DO NOT see you as a friend. You are just a walking bag of money.

For example, Embassy was my favourite joint for a long time so I knew almost all of the KGs there and we'd often just chat idly on Kakao. I've also gone out with many of them, or brought them to club. (It's damn seh bin to bring them around... so tall and beautiful and all the guys immediately envy you) Since Embassy went tits up this week, I had been rather concerned so I messaged all those that I thought were on pretty good terms with me to see how they were doing. Half didn't bother to reply. Many don't bother to reply to messages once they are out of TD or go back for a break, only to magically appear again when they come back to SG.

They have been spoilt rotten.... one time a KG at Icon 2 told me she was very sick, but she dropped me a good night message after I left. Out or courtesy, next day, I messaged her to ask if she was feeling better - no reply. Four days later, I went Icon 2 again and she asked me why I didn't message her. I told her I did, and asked her why she didn't reply. She said it was because I "only sent one message." I was like WTF? Do you expect me to behave like some horn dog secondary school kid and beg for your attention with an avalanche of messages? The KGs are also notorious for aiming for the big fish, so unless you are at VIP area, expect your $50 or $100 banner credit to run out rather quickly (as bro phayze can painfully testify). However, most KGs are open to small degrees of rubba.

The Korean game is a bottomless pit - it will suck all your money, and there's no way out if you fall into it.


You get the occasional Japanese girls usually in Taiwanese joints like Allurez or GaGa. From my experience, they tend not to be very pretty but are usually really gd dancers (dancing is usually their occupation or hobby) and they see themselves more as performers and not coyotes. They also tend to speak very good English (Japanese-accented English is so kawaii  ::)), which is always a plus. ("Isu thisu youru firsto time-moo come to GaGa?")

So far, those I've met are really typically Japanese in that they are really polite and quite sincere. I've also never ever had a Japanese girl ask me for flowers or shots. Many of them are usually quite well-qualified with university degrees, though obviously haven't come across those from Tokyo or Waseda University kind. They don't really need the money and are here to experience another country and culture and have no plans to stay for a long time in Singapore, which makes befriending them a challenge. I got the FB accounts, but I don't understand sh_t. Although they do think quite well of Singaporean men, chances of hooking up with one in a real relationship remains slim due to cultural differences. If you do manage it, I would think that it will be a serious relationship. Purely for kinky stuff? Forget about it.


The perennial gold diggers. Quite extreme, they either don't allow you to touch them, or it's rubba-as-you-like. Years ago, I was quite interested in a PRC girl in Club Magnate, but at least she was merciful in telling me outright that she was looking for a rich man to hook on to. For some reason, they seem to think quite highly of themselves. Big country mentality at work. Do not expect to make friends with them, they are not interested. They will agree to go out with you, because who would say no to a volunteer slave and carrot head?

Of course, the above is just a general view. A friend of mine did hook up with a nice PRC chick from a Taiwanese joint. One good thing about PRC girls is that they are the type, if you for some reason end up in a fight, to jump in clawing with their nails and biting with their teeth to help their man. (True story, I wanted to help as well but realised that I was holding my phone. I did the only sensible thing possible in that situation - I took some pictures)


The whole reason why I started going frequently to flower joints. Despite my infatuation with KGs, TWGs remain my favourite. No hardcore rubbaing usually, but an arm around the waist or shoulder is often allowed. While they may ask for flower or shots, they are truly grateful when you do buy them and are more than happy to spend time with you (as long as you're not a jerk). Two days ago, I was talking to a TWG dancer in Neverland for more than 2 hours and really enjoyed the chat. Out of appreciation, I offered to buy LD, but she rejected it cos she didn't want to drink, and asked me to buy her a meal instead. Was happy to oblige.

I've known quite a few TWGs since more than 6 years back, and we are still in contact and become really good friends. And it's not because they are still working here and need flower, some of them never came back to work after a few months, however, we still always meet up and go out together when I make the trip to Taipei. They will come to airport to pick me up, and then let me stay in their apartments to save hotel money. (TWGs have no qualms inviting strangers to their homes sia, as I found out after a hard session at Luxy) I even went on a round island road trip with them and they drove me from Taipei down to Kaohsiung and back, all the while playing good hosts and refusing to let me pay for anything, so I was really touched.

So far, the TWGs are the only ones who will message me proactively just to chit chat and see how I'm doing. I have also seen many positive examples around me. At last count, 8 guys I know have married TWGs, and half of them even have babies already. These guys are just average guys, not the rich ah sia kias.

They have certainly left the best impression on me and I hope to hook up with a TWG one day!


I would love to hear the thoughts of the bros here regarding their experiences with the different girls too. Anyone here specialises in the golden hair and white skin ang mohs? I've come across HK and Msian coyotes, but haven't met enough to provide any insight.



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