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February 23, 2018, 07:28:33 PM

Author Topic: Wife with son cant enter singapore  (Read 5382 times)

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Wife with son cant enter singapore
« on: February 10, 2014, 04:28:44 PM »
my wife was previously working in GL legal ones.. when i applied for entry its rejected. anyone with experiences please share ? i have a son who is staying with her too...

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Re: Wife with son cant enter singapore
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2014, 06:37:40 PM »
From what I know, once they ord, they're banned from entering Sg.

Some said foever, some said few years. Your son born in Thailand? I think it's quite hard to get your wife to enter SG again. Even though you're married with her. But you didn't register your marriage in Sg am I right. Hence there's no legal documents to say you're married with her.

However you always can write to ICA and do see your MP and seek his advice.  :)

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Re: Wife with son cant enter singapore
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2014, 11:55:52 PM »
i wan to marry her in singapore but she cant enter singapore so i married her in thai instead. so i can only hope and try to seek mp and see if she can come? im so fustrated and my son is innocent here.....


Re: Wife with son cant enter singapore
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2014, 11:55:52 PM »

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Re: Wife with son cant enter singapore
« Reply #3 on: February 11, 2014, 04:33:05 AM »
i think, you should try appeal for help though MP.. since MP could refer the issue the relevant agency for them to consider & review.
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Re: Wife with son cant enter singapore
« Reply #4 on: February 13, 2014, 09:59:16 PM »
I know this is irrelevant but maybe this story can give TS some encouragement / motivation. (Courtesy of Stomp)

Here is their love story:

 "I got to know my wife during one of my trips to Thailand.

"I used to travel a lot when I was younger, mostly to Southeast Asia. I went to Malaysia first and was planning on going to Thailand, Myanmar etc.

"It was during one of these trips that I met my wife at a border town between Thailand and Myanmar, named Tacheleik.

 "She was working as a saleslady. It's quite hard to find a person speaking the same language, so you can imagine how surprised I was when she spoke to me in Mandarin...  I was pretty attracted to the way she spoke...  So I got her number and invited her to be my tour guide.

"I was there for about three days and she brought me around.

 "After I went back to Singapore, I couldn't stop thinking about her, and we still kept in contact by phone.

 "Two weeks later, I went back to her hometown. We grew closer and closer.

 "I proposed to her on Oct 12 2006 and we got married on May 28 2007.

 "We had a small wedding at her hometown, her father told me that they didn't expect anything in return except that I treat his daughter well.

 "We saved up a bit of money and got her to make her passport at Yangon (previous capital of Myanmar).

 "Her passport cost quite a huge sum, SGD$10,000 to be exact. It wasn't so easy to obtain a passport for a young lady in Myanmar, with all the restrictions on travelling.

 "But we were determined to get her over to Singapore.

 "Basically, I exhausted my savings just to get her over.

 "When she arrived, I thought the worst was over. But life's not a bed of roses.

 "She was on social visit pass when she came over to Singapore, and under Singapore's ICA law, she was not supposed to stay in Singapore for over one month. I went to ICA to ask for extension, which they granted on the first try.

 "But they warned me that she had to leave the country the following month.

 "Time's short when you are enjoying yourselves. The following month, we went to Malaysia to visit my friends.

 "When we came back, we were stopped by the Immigration Customs department.

 "It took us almost two hours to prove that we were a couple and travelling together. Eventually they let us pass, and warned me that that would be the last time they let her into Singapore.

 "We came in feeling that the worst had yet to come.

 "We found out that she was pregnant when we returned.

 "We made all the necessary preparation for the baby, and converted our Myanmar marriage certificate to a Singapore one, as it was a requirement for her to get a long term social visit pass to stay in Singapore.

 "When we reached ROM Singapore, we were told that the Myanmar marriage certificate was not valid as it was not issued by the official ROM in Myanmar. What we had was a certificate from her town's ROM, which was not connected to ROM Myanmar.

 "I was thinking, since we were at ROM Singapore, we could just fill up the forms and get a date.

 "But what came next crashed our world. I was told that in order for a foreigner to get married to a Singaporean in Singapore, she must be above 21 years of age.

 "She was 20 years old but coming to 21 in August. They required me to produce a letter from her parents stating that she was allowed to be married to me in Singapore.

 "I spent my last amount of money and bought a ticket for her back to her hometown to get the letter done.

 "When she came back with the letter two weeks later, we rushed down to ROM Singapore.

 "After reviewing the letter, their reply was 'I am sorry. We need a letter from her parents stating that they have given her permission to get married to you. AND the letter must be signed by the NOTARY Department in Yangon, Myanmar, without this, I am sorry, you cannot register your marriage here in Singapore.'

 "I tried hard to explain to them that most government departments in Myanmar were closed due to the unrest that year. But all they said was... 'I am sorry. You have to find another way.'

 "All I wanted was to register my marriage, so that my baby would be born a Singaporean, and not of another nationality which would result in my baby and my wife having to go back to Myanmar once she had delivered in Singapore.

 "I was at a loss. My wife's stomach was getting bigger as days went by.

 "Finally, I called the guy in charge of my case in ROM, and asked him whether it would be okay for her parents to travel to the Singapore embassy in Yangon and sign the permission letter in front of the ambassador as proof of the letter. They gave me the green light.

"What happened next was a series of emails from me to the Singapore embassy in Yangon - I waited for two weeks before I received a call from Mr Kenneth Kwa. He was the person in charge of the Singapore embassy in Yangon.

 "He told me that he would help me in any way he could. I was so happy, I hugged my wife and we went out to celebrate.

 "I explained to Mr Kenneth my case, and we bought tickets for her parents to fly over from her hometown to Yangon.

 "They signed the required documents and Mr Kenneth sent it over using Speedpost. We collected the documents and it was time to leave the country again as my wife's social visit pass was going to expire soon.

 "We actually pawned our wedding rings and got $200 and went to Johor to visit my friend. We came back two days later and went straight to ROM Singapore.

 "We showed them the letter, and they said, 'I am sorry Alex. The letter you have now, although it's signed, the format's all wrong. So it will be counted as invalid. I am sorry.'

"I don't remember how the rest of that day passed as all we could do was take a bus home and enjoy the scenery outside. We only wanted to get married, have kids, raise them and enjoy every single day. But why was there so many restrictions?

 "I went back home and emailed Mr Kenneth. He was really angry as he knew that I had spent a large sum of money in getting my in-laws to go over to the embassy.

 "I told him I was broke, and thanked him for his help. He requested for the contact of the guy in charge of our case in ROM.

"At the same time, ROM called me and informed me that the name on my wife's passport was not the same as that in her Myanmar IC. So that became another problem.

 "The next day, we went to the Myanmar embassy in Singapore to try and get a letter stating that the person in the IC and the person in the passport was actually the same person.

 "My wife was coming to six months pregnant at that time. We took the MRT down to Orchard and made our way to Tanglin, where the Myanmar embassy was.

 "We arrived at 8.30am and we were shocked to see that there were almost 300 people there. I tried asking for help but no one seemed to care. They didn't even give up their seats to my pregnant wife. We made the decision to go home and that I would go over to the Embassy myself tomorrow, at an earlier time.

 "The next day, I arrived at 6.30am, and the place was full. Again, no one helped me. Everyone was speaking in their own language. I was at a lost. I went home empty handed.

 "I remembered I had a friend who was from a church group and I remembered hearing from her that a lot of their members were from Myanmar. I called her up and asked for her help.

 "She introduced me to a friend of hers, who knows a Myanmar lady working in the Myanmar embassy in Singapore. They helped me write a letter to the Ambassador of Myanmar Embassy explaining my situation, and after a few more trips, we finally got a letter to prove my wife's identity.

 "Around this time, Mr Kenneth contacted me and he came up with a solution for my problems.

 "One of his staff member was actually from my wife's home town and she was going back. Mr Kenneth planned to draft the letter with the correct format and send it over to my wife’s hometown with his staff, who would then pass it to my in-laws to sign. My in-laws would then sign the documents and pass it to one of their friends who was going to travel to Yangon. We asked him for help and paid him a bit of money for his trouble.

 "However, the letter never arrived. The person with the letter seemed to have disappeared. We learnt from one of his friends that he actually went to the Singapore Embassy, but was chased out by the security there, and so he went on with his trip back home without passing the letter to Mr Kenneth.

 "I was going crazy -- my world was crashing down on me.  My wife was heavily pregnant, while I was out of job and out of ideas. I was planning to sell everything I had and move to Myanmar with my wife.

 "However, Mr Kenneth then called me to say that he would use Speedpost and send the letters over to my in-laws again as he really wished for my wife and I to have a happy ending.  According to my in-laws, the Speedpost guy sent the documents over and waited for them to sign before repacking it and bringing it back. I was really touched and I was happy again.

 "We went to ROM Singapore and went through all the items on the checklist. Everything seemed to be in order and we could sign our marriage papers on Apr 25 2008. My wife's expected date of delivery was on May 8 2008, so it worked out to about two weeks of allowance.

 "But then again, things always happen when you least expect it to.

"On Apr 23 2008, my wife's waterbag burst. I was so shocked that I didn't know what to do.

 "I was telling myself, we are so near now. We have been struggling for almost eight months filled with anguish and disappointment, and we can at last see the light at the end of the tunnel, but now suddenly this...

 "I remember telling my wife that it was okay. Since the baby was coming out, there was no point in stopping it.

 "I sent my wife to the hospital, but I was told to make a deposit of one thousand dollars and settle the rest before my baby can be discharged. I was broke at that point of time.

 "I called my friend -- the lady from the church for help again. She came down immediately and told the hospital counter staff to charge everything to her credit card. I was so grateful to her and I promised to pay her back every single cent.

 "My son was born on Apr 24 2008. The next day, my wife was discharged along with my baby and we went to ROM together with the lady that helped me. We finally managed to sign our marriage certificate on Apr 25 2008.

 "We went back home, and for the first time after these eight months, we were happy.

 "However, the good times didn't last long. Two weeks later, I went to ICA to get my son's birth certificate done. It was stated that my son was born in Singapore, but he was not a citizen of Singapore. I begged ICA for leniency but they told me that everything was computerized and there was nothing they could do. I went home disappointed.

 "We were at the MRT interchange when I suddenly remembered something I read somewhere about our town's Meet-the-People’s session, where we could actually go to such meetings and request for help from them. I still remembered  it was on Monday nights from 8.30pm to 10.30pm.

 "We went there and were ushered to a table. We sat down and explained the whole situation to them about how I wanted my son to be a Singaporean, and all the problems we faced when trying to get our marriage certificate done. The helper drafted out a letter and promised to help us send it to ICA's citizenship department and he told us to wait for good news.

 "We waited for two weeks and nothing happened. I went to the ICA citizenship department and asked, but all they said was to fill up the forms and submit and wait.

 "I didn't want my wife or son to leave me. I went back to the Minister of Parliament for help.

 "That night, my town's MP personally sat down and drafted out the letter for us. He also told me to personally send the letter to ICA tomorrow, and that he would email the departments for help too.

 "My son got his Singapore citizenship three weeks later.

 "I know my letter is long, and there are many parts that are not really related to the theme but, I just want everyone to know that once you choose your partner, you should love them, care for them and cherish them. It's very easy to start and end a relationship, but it is how you maintain it that counts. You will face many obstacles along the way, but it's how you clear these obstacles and not giving up that strengthens your love for each other.

 "We are now happily married for seven years now and we just had our second baby. We do face problems every now and then, but everytime something happens, we always think back on how hard it was for us trying to be together, and nothing could be as tough."

I Salute this guy....... :D

You can live like as if everyday is your last day on earth but u can't spend like there's no tomorrow :P

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Re: Wife with son cant enter singapore
« Reply #5 on: February 16, 2014, 03:01:55 AM »
If one wanna marry a non-Singaporean, one must seek Singapore government approval first~ even if one's parents has approved... lol  :-X



Re: Wife with son cant enter singapore
« Reply #5 on: February 16, 2014, 03:01:55 AM »
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Re: Wife with son cant enter singapore
« Reply #6 on: September 24, 2014, 05:21:46 AM »
I have plenty of information I believe that there is a lot of information on this.

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Re: Wife with son cant enter singapore
« Reply #7 on: November 04, 2014, 09:24:43 PM »
Any guys gt any info on this? TS. How ur appeal went thru ?


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