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February 21, 2018, 10:15:38 PM

Author Topic: Why don't more people go to Viet pubs?  (Read 5130 times)

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Re: Why don't more people go to Viet pubs?
« Reply #24 on: September 16, 2014, 09:50:59 PM »
Time has change. Ladies tips minimum is $30? If you gave viet $20, they will demand for $30.
Some demand for $40! OMG, singaporeans are damn stupid to those ladies.
We literally paid for everything (even their dinner in ktv room??).
when u ask her to drink more than 2 small cups of beers. They will give you excuses.
Hello ladies, we are here to find short time happiness and not doing charity and wasting money.
True love? No such thing. When we start into ktv room, we know what we want(physical).
You want money too, isnt it? For those young adults out there, beer is not meant for us to drink.
It is meany for the ladies, we pay good money to short time happiness not sharing their poor family sorrow.
If u have been tricked by these ladies, u r stupid (simple as that).
U want a good ft wife, then go to the correct channel and not in ktv (wake up).
You think u can moved them? They will move you to sh_t hole first. ($$$$ lost).
u stay hdb, they r happily using your money to buy big house and land(i saw before).
once u r dried in wallet....then they move on. Pls use your brain. Dont disgrace local.
No such thing as true love in ktv. No matter how smart you are, once u know them..they r on win win situation (money and citizenship).
so pls enjoy and dont fall in love with working ladies (u r educated, but u cant think properly?)
Just pay reasonable money and enjoy.....wife must has e same frequency like yourself then can.
Men always use 2nd head to think (what to do)

Im not talking about viet ktv, since the drinks there are too expensive. I meant those viet pubs in geylang or joo chiat...You can have more fun for lesser money compared to thai discos. I hate it when you open bottle at thai discos and then everyone swarms around your table and takes your drinks, end up we pay but we even drink lesser then them.


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