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January 20, 2018, 01:42:08 AM

Author Topic: Interviews by The Parklane Historian  (Read 1372 times)

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Interviews by The Parklane Historian
« on: January 07, 2016, 04:22:28 AM »
The Parklane Historian speaks to DJ Angie

Boxing Day 2015. The dancefloor of King’s Club is warming up with DJ Angie at the decks. SingThaiDisco is excited about this opportunity to get acquainted with the lovely DJ Angie.

DJ-ing for three years, Angie has had a career spanning the globe and is well versed with the Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Electronic House and Techno genres. She has played at Octagon in South Korea and various clubs in Malaysia and Singapore. She is no stranger to the nightlife scene in Singapore and first encountered DJ Tiesto live during ZoukOut with her friends.

Dj Angie’s BioData

Height: 170cm
Weight: 48 kg
Vital Stats: 34-25-34
Bloodtype:  O
Horoscope: Capricorn

Parklane Historian: What kind of equipment/sofware do you use for your live mixes?
Angie:  I use a Macbook with Pioneer DJ Rekordbox and Pioneer DJ Headphones.

Parklane Historian: To get the club pumping, what are your favourite songs to play?
Angie:  “United We Are” by Hardwell and “Pyramid” by Tiesto

Parklane Historian: How is your work schedule like in Singapore?
Angie: I’m here for six months and I work everday with one off day per week.

Parklane Historian: What kind of songs do you listen to when you’re off work and just to chill?
Angie:  I tend to avoid the heavy beats, less of a party vibe. So Body Slam and Adele are my go-tos.

Parklane Historian: You come from a family with a strong music background. Can you tell us more about your siblings?
Angie: I have a brother who runs a DJ school in Bangkok and my older sister (DJ Nana) spins at Octagon in Seoul. We’re very close and always take the time to make music part of our lives.

Parklane Historian: Outside of music, how’s your dating life? What type of guy is your ideal guy?
Angie: Right now, I am really focused on music. I am doing what I love. My ideal guy would be someone tall (185cm and above) and with a good heart.

Parklane Historian: In a fantasy world, would you rather date Justin Bieber or Ryan Gosling?
Angie: Justin Bieber. He is still young *laughs*.

Parklane Historian: Do rich guys impress you?
Angie: No, money does not impress me. I have earned my own income ever since I graduated. I do not need a man to put a roof over my head. I go for sincere, kind guys.

Parklane Historian: Where in Thailand are you from originally?
Angie:  I’ve been living in Bangkok most of my adult life but my hometown is Kanchanaburi Province.

Parklane Historian: You’ve travelled all over the world and covered a lot of places for your DJ career. Where’s next?
Angie: I’ve always wanted to travel to England and Canada. It does not have to be for work but I’ve always wanted to go there. It’s just one of those countries you have to go to before you die.

Parklane Historian: Before getting into DJ-ing, what kind of media projects were you involved in?
Angie:  I starred in a music video for a Thai rock band and was a stand-in for a King’s Daughter in a movie filmed in Switzerland.

Parklane Historian: You have fabulous skin. What is your secret?
Angie:  I didn’t have any surgery done. I just believe in hydration and beauty masks.

Parklane Historian: What are your favourite types of lingerie brands? 
Angie: BSC and Triumph.

Read the full interview here:


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